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Manganese Gluconate

Chemical Data

Chemical FormulaMnC12H22O14
CAS Number


Molecular WeightAnhydrous - 445.24
Dihydrate - 481.27

UseNutrient; Dietary Supplement
Descriptionpink fine granular
Containers50 kg. / 110 lb. fiber drums; 25 kilogram packs EU only
StorageStore in a clean, dry warehouse in the original unopened containers.
RegulatoryThis substance has not been found on the TSCA inventory. This substance is manufactured for use only as a dietary supplement


Chemical Specifications

TestsFCC SpecificationsUSP Specifications
Assay (on a dry basis)98.0 - 102.0%98.0 - 102.0%
Arsenic (As)3 ppm maximum3 ppm maximum
Heavy Metals0.002% maximum0.002% maximum
Lead2 ppm maximum

0.001% maximum

Reducing Substances1.0% maximum1.0% maximum

Test APasses TestPasses Test
Test BPasses TestPasses Test
Water3.0 - 9.0% (anhydrous)
6.0 - 9.0% (dihydrate)
3.0 - 9.0% (anhydrous)
6.0 - 9.0% (dihydrate)
Chloride---0.05% maximum
Sulfate---0.2% maximum
Residual Solvents
Meets Requirments

Microbial Test Results

Aerobic Plate Count
1000 cfu / gram maximum
Yeast and Mold Count
100 cfu / gram maximum
Total Coliforms

Manganese Content

Anhydrous basis12.1 - 13.1%12.1 - 13.1%
Dihydrate basis11.0 - 11.9%11.0 - 11.9%
As - Is11.0 - 13.1%11.0 - 13.1%



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